Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Healthy Snack to Soothe the Pain from Wisdom Teeth

I came across this post and had to share it with everyone, especially those who are experiencing pain with their wisdom teeth. Rebecca recently had her wisdom teeth removed which can be an uncomfortable time in anyone's life. You have to be careful with the foods you eat while your mouth is recovering from the minor surgery. This fabulous healthy living blogger combined a healthy snack with a pain reliever with her discovery of Lean Pops and customizable recipes! Read her post below, but first, let's meet Rebecca!

Since I couldn’t (and still am not) drinking out of a straw due to my wisdom teeth, I had to figure out a “fun” way to make my nightly protein shakes. I usually just bland up my almond milk, protein, ice, and some water in my single-serve Ninja Ultima cup, and then suck it down icy and cold with my trusty stainless steel straw. Well I would not suck anything down and risk getting dry socket. So what’s a girl to do? Ice pops!
LeanPops | Strength and Sunshine
LeanPops came to me at just the right time! LeanPops is a company that creates Silicone Popsicle molds out of 100% food grade silicon that is completely BPA-free, latex-free, and non-toxic. LeanPops goal is to help us all make easy 1, 2, 3, healthy frozen treats (or in the case protein pops for me!). All you do is select what you want in your pop. Fruit, milk, protein, whatever! Then blend it up, and pout in to your LeanPop molds! You get 4 molds in a pack and they were just enough to freeze only 1 large protein shake for me. So how fun was that! I got to get 4 “popsicles” instead of just one shake! So let me take you through my mini recipe (non-recipe) for frozen protein pops!
Customizable Protein Pops
Protein Pops | Strength and Sunshine
Ingredients: (serves 1, fills 4 molds)
+ 8oz (1 cup) Non-Dairy Milk (I used unsweetened almond)
+ Protein Powder (I used 2 TB of Vanilla Plant Fusion and 2 TB of Peanut Flour)
+ 1/4 Tsp Banana Extract (or other extract to your choice. Coffee would be awesome!)
+ 1/2 Cup Water
+ Pour your milk, powders, extract, and water into a small blender. Then blend away!
+ Next, pour your shake into the LeanPop molds (I used a funnel for this) leaving about 1/2 inch of space from the top. Place your LeanPop lid on the mold. Repeat for all molds.
+ Then place upright in the freezer for a few hours until your ready to dig (or lick) away!
Protein Pops | Strength and SunshineThe great thing about these molds is that they are super easy to clean! Their dishwasher-safe so just pop them in and bam! Clean! Plus where their easy no-spill lid, you can eat half and save the rest for later. I was worried these would leak and spill all over in the freezer, but the lid fits perfectly and everything was safe, durable, and sturdy! I was able to find an up right spot to put them in to freeze (stuck in the bottom of the freezer rack), I only wish that they came with an actual stand in case you don’t have the perfect up-right area to put them in the freezer yourself.
Protein Pops | Strength and SunshineI’ve never had Popsicle molds before this except some tiny cheap 4 slot plastic mold that I bought at the grocery store. It didn’t work very well and I never ended up using it after once or twice. But these are perfect! And so soothing for my post-op mouth ;) I will totally be using these all the time now (not just during recovery and “no-straw time”)!
Protein Pops | Strength and SunshineWell these are really fun, that’s all I have to say. Plus it’s a great change-up from the boring protein shake. You get the exact same post-workout nutrition, just in a very summer friendly form ;) Do you all remember those Freeze-Pops that came is the most artificial chemical laden bright colors? Like pink, green, blue, orange. O man! I used to eat those. all that crap is though is sugar and artificial colorings. So scary and so bad! So if you want a healthy frozen pop, make you own! It’s so easy!
Protein Pops | Strength and SunshineLeanPops is offering my readers (all of you lovely folks) $3 off your order of a 4-pack of LeanPops and a free recipe book that contain 20 easy and healthy ideas if you use the code: sunshine at check-out! I’d buy these with my own money and you should think about it too!
So tell me:
+ Do you make your own ice pops?
+ What was your favorite summer treat growing up as a kid? Do you all remember those half chocolate half vanilla ice creams in the little plastic cups with the paper pull tab lid? Those things were the best! The most fake ice cream you could possible eat, but a birthday party essential!
**LeanPops provided me with a free sample of their product for review. All opinions and thought are my own and completely honest!**
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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